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Men's Leadership Training

The purpose of the Men's Leadership Training (MLT) is to equip the men at Faith in two important areas: doctrine and practice. The content of MLT is designed to grow men to be the leaders God calls them to be in their home and church. This is for all men, especially those pursuing vocational ministry. 

Requirements: Participants will be required to attend the six sessions (see schedule below). Each two-hour session will have required reading prior to the session, and homework afterwards.

Logistics: Each session will be on a Sunday afternoon immediately after church. Lunch will be provided by the church.

Instructors: In addition to the pastor and elders at Faith, various guest speakers will be leading the sessions.

1. February 18 - "What is the church?" (Ecclesiology)
2. March 11 - "How does the church care for souls?" (Counseling)
3. April 8 - "How is the church taught?" (Preaching)

Summer break

4. August 12 - "How does the church work?" (Administration)
5. September 16 - "How is the church built up?" (Spiritual Disciplines)
6. October 14 - "How does the church grow?" (Evangelism/Discipleship)

To attend, please sign-up by clicking the link below.