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Moody Bible Institute Chorale Concert

The Chorale of Moody Bible Institute in Chicago will be performing on Wednesday, March 16 @ 7pm at Faith Community Church in Prospect, KY. This is a free concert!  

Founded in 1946, the Chorale has long been established as one of America’s leading collegiate choral organizations specializing in sacred music. Their repertoire includes a broad range of songs chosen from various cultures, styles and time periods.

The Chorale ministers through music as it tours the United States twice a year and travels abroad during the summer, having performed in Great Britain, Scandinavia, Australia, East Asia, Israel, Guatemala, South Africa and in many other parts of the world. In addition to the Chorale, Moody has three other music ensembles, including the Women’s Concert Choir, the Men’s Collegiate Choir and the Symphonic Band.