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Our Mission

Mission statements are inevitably broad, but they can have a clarifying force that summarizes well what a church is about. The following statement is our attempt to capture the primary purpose of our church in light of the gospel’s unsurpassed importance. Simply put, our mission at Faith Community Church is:

To magnify God’s worth by building a community of gospel-centered people.

“To magnify God’s worth”
In everything God does, His purpose is to preserve and display His glory (Isaiah 48:11; Romans 11:36).  There is nothing more valuable to God than Himself.  Therefore, as a church, we want to exalt that which is most important to God – namely His glory.  We desire to magnify the extreme worth and value of our God to all people.  

Yet, how do people come to value and appreciate the worth of God?  It is only through His gospel.

“Community of gospel-centered people”  
Placing our faith in Jesus Christ's sacrificial death for our sins and victorious resurrection from the dead not only saves us from the penalty of our sin (Romans 6:23), but it also brings us to God (1 Peter 3:18).  By the power of God’s gospel, we treasure Christ more supremely than our sin.  God’s gospel allows us to become satisfied in Him! 

Therefore, our aim to is build a community of people who have centered their lives on the truth of the gospel – people who find their value, worth and meaning from their relationship with God through the person and work of Jesus Christ.